Digital Portfolio for Cameron Kauder (Fall 2015)


Bob skating to the nightclub.

Digital Animation: Bob’s First Rave

This simple Flash animation revolves around a man named Bob, who visits a nightclub rave for the first time and finds it a bit too much to handle. The animation consists of three settings, Bob’s home, a city street, and the interior of a nightclub. This animation project employs a variety of Flash techniques. These include motion tweens for a scrolling background and moving character, shape tweens for light displays and speaker vibrations, and of course embedded sound effects. Precise timing was required to ensure all sound effects matched the character and environmental animation on the screen.

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Digital Portfolio for Miranda Reinhardt (Fall 2015)

Screenshot 2015-12-16 18.30.27

Digital Animation: The Legend of Octo’s

I was inspired to make a Zelda animation as soon as the project was given. It’s the story of Link just doing Link things and killing Octorocks as they come into the screen. At one point, one Octorock sees Link kill one of his fellow Octorock and he is shown running off of the screen. Later that night, Link is then seen being chased down by a large amount of Octorocks with the last Octorock being a giant one. The idea came from how Cuccoos typically act when Link hits them a couple of times… This animation took a while to complete, the amount of layers I have is probably superior to most of the other animations in the class. It took me several days to finish, I was able to do so much because the animation was set up very similarly to Adobe Premiere, so I understood how things needed to lay and be set up without too much trouble. The long nights working on this was definitely worth it. Motion tweens and shape tweens were at first an issue, but I was able to figure it out pretty quickly.


Screenshot 2015-12-17 12.02.14

Hangman: Tingle’s Hangman

This was my most difficult to make and understand. In this version of hangman, it stars Tingle from The Legend of Zelda: the human who believes he’s a fairy. Anyway, he has some rupees and if the player guesses the wrong letter, one of the rupees will be taken away. All of the words are Zelda related. However, it does not have a hint box. so the game results in being pretty difficult. The failure and winning screens are placed on either side of the main (blue) screen.

Screenshot 2015-12-16 18.30.23

Dungeon: Ganon’s Castle

It’s no surprise where my inspiration came from when working on my final project. Because of the requirements for the project, it was easy to make a classic Zelda puzzle-filled dungeon. What was needed was: several levels, a weapon mechanic, integration of walls, and moving walls. The screen shot shown is the first level of Ganon’s Castle. As seen, there are two items: a key and the master sword. In order to move on, you need to collect both of them. To make things a little more difficult due to a lack of a score, a time limit is provided for each level. If the player cannot beat the levels in the provided time, the game will be over. In order to get the key, the player needs to push a block gaining him access to the above area. Once both items are picked up, the barrier blocking the door will be removed. In the next area, Link has to dodge the stalfos that are running rapid in 10 seconds, Link is unable to hurt them, but they can do a lot of damage if they are ran into. Screenshot 2015-12-16 18.49.45

(I know we didn’t have to provide a second screen shot, but I’m too proud to not.)

Once he beats those two levels, he is able to fight Ganon. The player finds out pretty quickly, that the master sword is pretty useless in this adaptation of the game, but don’t fret! There is a bomb that will kill Ganon in one hit. On this screen, I implemented two key binds that are only able to be used on this level. The first one I put it was the use of the fairy, once picked up, you have to opportunity to use it, but only once. If the player pushes the space bar while having the fairy, the player’s health bar will go back up to 100%. The other key bind that I put in is the use of the shift key. Because you have to push the bomb into Ganon, there is a chance that you could mess up and push the bomb in an area that cannot be reached, thus making this a bug. Though, if the shift key is pressed, Link and the bomb will reset in their starting positions, nothing else will be reset though (this includes the fairy, health, Ganon, or the blocks). Once Ganon is defeated, there is one last puzzle to figure out in order to get to the final screen which has the Triforce! This was my favorite project to work on, a lot of creativity and thought went into this. I’m officially a Zelda developer (not really, but I can believe).


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Digital Portfolio for Alyssa Tayrien (Fall 2015)

As a third-year student at Trinity University (class of 2017), I enrolled in COMM 3344: Mobile Gaming. Instructed by Dr. Delwiche, Mobile Gaming has introduced me to the world of coding and opened my eyes to the intricacies and modes of digital creation. Through the Flash ActionScript 3.0 platform, I have created and published three major accomplishments during the fall semester: an original animation, a modified “hangman” style game and a “dungeon redux.” Descriptions of each of the projects can be found below:

Digital Animation: “The Lonely Boat”

Screenshot Lonely Boat

Opening scene of original animation, “The Lonely Boat,” inside the working Flash document.

Based on personal adoration for Disney’s classic “Steamboat Willie” cartoons, the tale of “The Lonely Boat” is set within a maritime setting. The plot tells the story of one rowboat, who is separated from his friend during a storm, but eventually finds his way back home to happiness. “The Lonely Boat” showcases a variety of Flash techniques, such as: creating objects (i.e. the waves), scrolling backgrounds, nested timeline manipulation, motion tweens, self-writing script and sound effects. As my first project created with Flash, this animation took me roughly 10 hours to complete (though I did not keep a log of time spent working). The final product can be viewed here.

Modified Hangman: “The Sun & The Storm”

Continuing with an outdoors-themed semester, my next significant project was a Hangman-style game. The goal of the game was to keep the original logic and rules of “Hangman” but include a different type of punishment mechanism. Each time a player guesses the wrong letter within my game, the cloud grows; after 5 wrong guesses, a lightning bolt strikes the tree

Screenshot Hangman Win

Hangman-style game “The Sun & The Storm” victory page inside of Flash ActionScript 3.0.

and a giant cloud covers the sun. “The Sun & The Storm” is thus titled appropriately for practical purposes, but also follows a philosophical train of thought:  I believe that behind every storm lies a sun, but the sun cannot shine all the time, without a few storms along the way. “The Sun & The Storm” is the result of my introduction to coding via ActionScript 3.0. After creating Flash animation elements (what is seen on the screen), I worked with the code and employed concepts —  such as text manipulation, arrays, conditional logic, while loops, pattern matching, invisibility and visibility of game elements on screen, and sound effects — to make the game playable. After a week of in- and out-of-class work, I was able to complete “The Sun & The Storm,” although the online server has not yet let me upload the latest version of the game (with hints). The current version can be played online here.

Dungeon Redux: “Storm At Sea”

In combining creative elements from my animation and hangman game, my final project is titled,  “Storm At Sea.” In this Dungeon Redux, a player becomes a small sailboat and must navigate through three levels to find the treasure chest. Encountering sharks that decrease health and blocks of seaweed that hide the key to the chest, a player can pick up her trident weapon in order to remove the sharks and sail safely through the stormy sea and collect her pirate’s loot.In approximately 12 hours (over the course of a week and a half), I created the creative elements — the waves, the health bar, sizing the sailboat and sharks, placing the clouds — and immersed myself in ActionScript 3.0 code. Techniques used include: conditional logic, while loops, swap levels, editing particular classes of symbols within the game function as a whole, arrays, creating player boundaries, keyboard events, collision block functions, and, of course, sound effects. Because the server presented significant difficulty in uploading the final product, it is not available online at this time. 

Screenshot Storm Sea

Start page of original computer game, the “Storm at Sea,” in which players navigate through sharks and the water as a sailboat.

Learning and producing projects via Flash ActionScript 3.0 required high levels of hard work — I learned to create games through a language in which I had no previous experience. Throughout Fall 2015, I could feel myself absorbing the different elements as my comprehension of the material steadily increased. At the beginning of the semester, I had no idea I would eventually possess the ability to create such substantial works, and I am grateful for the opportunity to gain understanding in computer programming.

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Digital Portfolio for Faith Byrne (Fall 2015)

Digital Animation: Fast Food: The Classic Story of a Cat and Mouse

Inspired by my love of cats, this animation tells the classic story of a cat and mouse chase, with a twist at the end.The cat desperately wants to catch the mouse to eat him, yet the mouse keeps getting away. After the cat seems to give up, the mouse decides to be nice and try and share his cheese with the cat. After leaving his mouse hole to give the cat some cheese, the mouse gets snatched up and eaten by the cat. This animation took quite a few days to complete as it includes several different complex Flash techniques, such as motion tweens, sound effects, and shape tweens. The link to watch the animation is below!

Screenshot 2015-09-30 20.38.24

The Old Cat and Mouse Game: Hangman Style

Keeping with the classic cat and mouse theme, I created a hangman game that had the cat chasing the mouse all over again. The objective of this game was to create a classic hangman game, but put a new spin on it, changing the punishment mechanic from hanging a man, to whatever fit your theme. For my game, the punishment mechanic was having a mouse disappear each time you guessed a letter wrong. When you ran out of mice, the cat yowls at you angrily, and you have to start the game again. However, if you guess the word correctly, the cat finally gets his dinner, and catches the mice. The coding behind this game was rather extensive, using a lot of for loops to check if a correct letter was guessed, and a lot of conditional logic to make the punishment mechanic operate properly. The animation for the game was pulled from my original animation assignment, as I wanted to keep in the theme of cat and mouse, and realized the chase scene would work perfectly for my hangman game. The link to play this hangman game is below!

Screenshot 2015-11-10 21.29.55

Dungeon Game: Arya’s Adventure, Game of Thrones

My last project for this class was to create a classic dungeon game with several levels, some sort of weapon mechanic, and the integration of walls and moving walls. For my dungeon game I moved away from the cat and mouse theme, and decided to create a game modeled after the popular show Game of Thrones. In my game, Arya is the main character, and the goal is to make it through all three levels to finally reach the Iron Throne and take control of the realm. The first level Arya fights through is Winterfell, her original home, and in this level you have to pick up her beloved sword, Needle, and fight off some White Walkers. The second level takes you to King’s Landing where you have to fight off enemies such as Joffrey and Jaime Lannister, and the Hound. Finally, the third level takes you to Braavos where you have to fight off multiple enemies and discover hidden doors to make it to the Iron Throne. The coding behind this game include a lot of while loops to maintain the health bar and the score tracker, while also utilizing keyboard events to recognize when you want to move the character. Combat mode was also used in this code, which made the game recognize when you had picked up your weapon, allowing you to simply run into and kill your enemies. Overall, this was my favorite project to work on, and I can now proudly say that I have created my own Game of Thrones game. The link to enter this Game of Thrones game is below!

Screenshot 2015-12-14 10.03.47

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Digital Portfolio: Christina Moore


Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 9.09.23 PMMy flash game is titled Hello? It’s a trivia/story game following a ghost character as he travels through the forest. The heart of the game is a message about depression and mental health in general; it scrolls by as the player goes through the game and the trivia questions are there to reinforce that message. I really love old-school 8-bit designed games so I decided to make everything in my game look like it was made in the 80’s. I also chose a black and white color aesthetic because it fit the mood of the game.  Continue reading

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Digital Portfolio for Paranj Kalyani (Fall 2015)

Animation: Battle For Shahriza



Battle of Shahriza (Paranj Kalyani, 2015)

This animation, inspired by Planet of the Apes, is a basic first-time animation I made for my mobile gaming class. The plot is simple – two politicians from the planet of Shahriza are fighting; they are fighting because one is corrupt and the other is not. The protagonist, the non-corrupt ape, wants to oust the corrupt one to the public. This animation incorporates techniques such as basic motion tweens, a background containing vectorized images, two characters interacting with each other, dynamic text, and sound.


Grand Theft Auto V Hangman Game



Grand Theft Auto V Hangman Game (Paranj Kalyani, 2015)

Pictured above is a basic hangman game based on the famous video game by Rockstar, Grand Theft Auto V. This game incorporates ten terms related to the video game that are picked at random. A hint box at the bottom makes it easier for the players. It also incorporates a punishment mechanic in the form of “wanted stars” like the actual video game. Five wanted stars and the game is over. The game also has sound for the victory screen and the failure screen.


The Office Triva Game


The Office Trivia (Paranj Kalyani, 2015)

Pictured above is a trivia game based on the hit sitcom The Office. The game includes ten questions, each more difficult than the last one. There’s a basic hint mechanism and a timer; if the timer hits 0, the player fails. Each fail screen, the start screen, and the victory screen have sounds that stop playing once that particular screen is removed from the stage. The timer on the last question is only 15 seconds for added difficulty.


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Welcome to Lot 48!

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 9.30.13 PM

The start screen of the game introduces the rules to the player as well as plays the show’s theme song!

This project was a blast to work through the whole time. From concept, to creation, to final game I faced interesting design and technical challenges which was an awesome way to address two of my passions in one assignment. This Parks and Recreation themed game is called “Welcome to Lot 48” and takes the player through a riveting game of hangman to discover if park will be built or a Paunch Burger! Continue reading

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