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Digital Portfolio for Cameron Kauder (Fall 2015)

Digital Animation: Bob’s First Rave This simple Flash animation revolves around a man named Bob, who visits a nightclub rave for the first time and finds it a bit too much to handle. The animation consists of three settings, Bob’s … Continue reading

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An Internship to Die For

My hangman game was styled after one of my favorite TV shows, Breaking Bad. It is titled “Methamphetamine Production 101“. The idea of the game is that you are a new lab tech working for Walt and Jesse. Each letter … Continue reading

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Bob Can’t Handle Raves… Maybe He Should Try Flash

The flash animation movie that I created is called “Bob’s First Rave“. It is a very simple story that revolves around a bored man named Bob who wants to spice up his Friday night. He decides to get out of … Continue reading

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I Can Cook… Kinda

My DIY project focused on the always important skill of cooking. I have never been a very proficient chef, in fact I’m pretty sure I can make a grand total of three items in the kitchen. (Burgers, spaghetti, and mac … Continue reading

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