Digital Portfolio: A Trilogy of Flash

Throughout the semester I made 3 products using Adobe Flash; a Flash Animation called Freddy the Fish, a hangman action script project inspired by Superman, and a trivia game testing your knowledge of the show Arrested Development.


Arrested Development: Trivia

The final game I made was the Arrested Development trivia game through action script. The game is based off of the TV show Arrested Development and has 10 questions testing the player’s knowledge. Each question has a famous and humorous quote from the show and and image of many of the characters. Four of the characters are circled and one of them is the person who says the quote. If you guess incorrectly you go to a failure screen where a humorous quote will be played and the player can restart the game. The same happens if nobody answers in 30 seconds. If you guess correctly that quote will play and if you guess all ten correctly you go to the victory page.

Arrested Development

The [hang]Man of Steel: Hang Man

During the year I made a hangman project through Adobe Flash. As a personal fan of Superman and all things DC played mine off of the man of steel. The possible words that one could guess were all based off the character and the related themes around him (including characters). For example; Superman, Braniac, Krypto, Kryptonite, etc. Getting 4 wrong will turn the game into a failure (each wrong letter guess adds kryptonite until you loose)

Hangman Snapshot

Freddy the Fish goes Fishing: Flash Animation

The first project I made through flash animation follows a character of my own creation, Freddy the Fish. The flash animation follows Freddy the fish, traveling in a boat until he finds the right area. The thematic music of Popeye the Sailor Man plays in the background. Once the boat stops, Freddy pulls out a fishing rod and waits as he tries to hook something. Sammy Scuba then sees the hook and cautiously swims to it. He then grabs it, causing the line to tense up and alert Freddy. They battle for a good deal until Freddy finally wins.

Freddy the Fish



About Michael Carroll

I'm a Senior at Trinity University (Class of '17); I am majoring in Communication and minoring in Education with an overall plan to become a teacher. I was born and raised in South East Asia.
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