James Pearce Portfolio

Last Stand


(title fade in)

   This is my animation, and thus every asset was created in flash. All of the animations are thought motion tweens, and the timelines stretch for quite the distance. The majority of the animation was constructed to match the musical choice, which is Leaving Earth from the Mass Effect 3 soundtrack. The story of the animation is a little vague, and is mostly controlled by the title. Ships warping in and firing massive lasers at unknown targets, a shuttle launching toward that direction, and a final reveal of a massive battle that is taking its toll of a planet. I will admit its short, and some parts are less detailed then others, but it was a good start for my first major animation.


Raging Letters


(title screen)

   This hangman game looks simple and bare, but as you miss letters things heat up, responses get intense and soon the screen gets red, and if you miss the final letter the screen locks down and the response box just screams at you, and then more screams come in from outside the window. Also a small bit of silver lining to this in the amount of responses that are given, namely the game is fairly forgiving. You have a lot of chances to guess letters, but inversely the words are hard to pronounce, or anger related. When you reset the game resets, but appears to remember you messed up, saying “don’t mess up… again”. Winning is its own reward, but due to requirements, and poor coding experience,  a small title card will tell you “This was a Triumph”.


Psudo-Space Invaders (but really it’s Air Raid)


(title screen)

    This game was a pain to create, and told me that code doesn’t care for your imagination, and code won’t care for your grande vision. To set the stage I was wishing to create a Space Invaders clone with differing enemies and boss targets that would destroy the whole formation when destroyed. But due to a lack of information on how to code this, and misguiding instructions, I was forced to adapt by game into an Air Raid style shooter. The enemies at least shoot back over the normal Air Raid, and shields are present to protect the player as on the higher difficulty settings the enemies get pretty thick. The player only has 3 hits in them till they lose; and as a small bit of narrative, if you die the boss I wanted to add comes down to gloat over your smoking hulk, as if all the enemies were clearing the way. You win by killing a preset amount of ships, which changes with difficulty, and winning signifies you lasted through the night’s attack, so the victory screen is a smoky day time scene. It should be noted that I create every asset by hand in Flash, and it suffers and benefits from this, but all in all looks okay for a bit of over imagination. InGame

(in game)

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