Digital Portfolio for Samantha Wise (Fall 2015)

In the fall of my Junior year at Trinity University, 2015, I took a class titled ‘Mobile Gaming’, which I enrolled in because of my love for video games. At the beginning of the class I had very little experience with computer coding, and no experience at all with animation or Adobe’s Flash program. Throughout the semester we had three major projects involving animation and computer programming, with increasing difficulty.  The first project was a short animation that we were to create using Flash. The second was to create an original ‘hangman’ game with a surprising twist on the normal death by hanging, and the third was an original video game of our own choosing, highlighting the coding and animation that we had learned throughout the semester.

Digital Animation: The Happy Apple

Animation screenshot

Digital Animation: The Happy Apple

My animation project was inspired by my love for horses. It tells the story of an apple and worm who fall out of a tree and roll down a hill, only to be eaten by a horse. To create this animation, I used Flash, and techniques we have learned in class such as shape and motion tweening, rotation, and sound effects.

My animation can be found at:

Hangman: The Final Frontier

Hangman Screenshot

Hangman: The Final Frontier

I chose to base my hangman project off of Star Trek, with the theme stretching across the graphics, sounds, and words used in the game. The purpose of this project was to come up with a new punishment mechanic that was different from being hanged. I decided to have a Klingon ship chasing after the Enterprise, with the punishment being getting shot every time a wrong guess was made, and eventually exploding after too many wrong guesses. In order to create a working hangman game, there were some graphic design elements and small amounts of animation and sound effects, but the bulk of the project relied on computer programming consisting of conditional logic, while loops, and text manipulation.

My game can be found at:

Final Game: Rainbow Attack

Final Game Screenshot

Rainbow Attack

For the final game, I decided to try something that we had not learned in class, but was able to teach myself with some help both in and out of class, which was shooting bullets out of the playable character. I based the game playing aspect of the game on an older game titled Robotron, which I had played as a child. In this game, the player controls the character, and has to clear the screen by shooting and avoiding the moving enemies on the screen. I tried to base my graphic design on the 1980s, using very bright neon colors and shapes. The character that serves as the player is Rainbow Bright, who is a very colorful cartoon character from the 1980s as well. The coding for this game consisted of conditional logic, collision detection, firing projectiles, and switching screens between levels using an array.

Overall, I am very happy with what I was able to accomplish throughout the semester, and proud of my final game, which we had been working towards since the first day of class. I had no idea how much I was capable of learning about computer coding, and would not have believed someone if they told me what I would be capable of by the end of the semester, at the very beginning.

My game can be found at:

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