Digital Portfolio for Cameron Kauder (Fall 2015)


Bob skating to the nightclub.

Digital Animation: Bob’s First Rave

This simple Flash animation revolves around a man named Bob, who visits a nightclub rave for the first time and finds it a bit too much to handle. The animation consists of three settings, Bob’s home, a city street, and the interior of a nightclub. This animation project employs a variety of Flash techniques. These include motion tweens for a scrolling background and moving character, shape tweens for light displays and speaker vibrations, and of course embedded sound effects. Precise timing was required to ensure all sound effects matched the character and environmental animation on the screen.


The start page.

Breaking Bad Hangman

The goal of this original hangman game was to put a new spin on the familiar hangman death trope. Instead of simply hanging a stick figure limb by limb, the punishment mechanic revolves around meth cooking (to go along with the Breaking Bad theme). You play an assistant to Walt and Jesse, and are required to add chemicals to the batch of meth being cooked. Each wrong letter guessed means one of the batches is ruined. Once all the batches have been ruined, the game ends. This project uses animation, sound effects, and ActionScript 3.0 coding. The animation was simple. Most elements were movie clips placed statically on the screen. The ActionScript coding was more intensive, with conditional logic, visibility, text manipulation, and loop counters to match and display correctly or incorrectly guessed letters.


lego game.jpg

The second level of “The Lego Game”

The Lego Game

The final Flash project was a dungeon style game based off the hit film, “The Lego Movie”. In this simple game the player controls Emmet, who must find the piece of resistance while avoiding enemies and then place it on the kragle. This project employed three levels of increasing difficulty, static and moveable walls, randomly generated enemies, an inventory, optional weapons, and a health bar. A “combat mode” can be activated if the player picks up the optional hammer weapon, allowing the player to destroy enemies while only taking a fraction of the usual health loss. ActionScript coding was used extensively, with animation aspects consisting only of movie clips to be swapped out. Conditional logic, loop counters to track health, object collision , keyboard events to allow player input to move the character, and boolean logic were just some of the many different types of code used. Object collision was used to detect the players interaction with walls, enemies, and inventory objects. This was one of the most challenging projects I have worked on to date, but the learning experience and pride of creating a game from scratch made everything worth it.

(Links to all projects will be included once server access is restored.)

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