Digital Portfolio for Al Huffman

Digital Animation: “From Face to Flower”

My animation follows the story of a seed and his journey through adolescence. When water hits the seed he is suddenly aware of the change in his body as his eyes get wide and then turn rainbow. Shortly after, the seed is ripped apart from the inside out and a vine like plant starts to crawl its way to the surface of the soil. From the tragic death of a seed spawns the new life of a beautiful rainbow flower.  This animated short demonstrates a range of Flash techniques including: multi-point shape tweens, motion tweens, scrolling backgrounds, and sound effects.

My animation, titled “From Face to Flower” can be found at the following link:

Screenshot 2015-10-12 12.43.18

My seed mid-transformation. 


Modified Hangman: “More Weight”

The goal for this project was to take the classic hangman game and implement  a new punishment mechanic. Titled “More Weight” my game punishes a young girl accused of witchcraft by slowly pressing her to death with boulders. This game was inspired by real events that occurred during the Salem witch trials, when Giles Corey was accused of witchcraft and refused to plead guilty or not guilty. As was law at the time, Mr. Corey was subjected to being pressed by rocks and boulders placed on a board. After two days of being pressed, his final words and only response to those who asked him to plea were… “More weight.” I suppose this is not much more humane than the original game, however that was not the goal. Creating this game was my first time coding in ActionScript 3.0. Along with Flash animation I used many ActionScript techniques such as: conditional logic, event listeners,  buttons, text manipulation, toggling visibility, and many while loops to loop through the numerous arrays used in this project.

My game, titled “More Weight” can be found at the following link:


This is Aggie. She’s just different.


Dungeon Redux: Kanye West

This game is a dungeon adventure  game staring Kanye West and his family. You play as Kanye West carrying an 8- bit North West, his daughter through a dungeon with golden brick walls and black glitter floors.  Lurking throughout the dungeon are various Kim Kardashian infused Boos from Mario. Kanye’s health bar is a cigarette which can be refilled if you collide with a cigarette pack. Also if you pick up the microphone(by stealing it from Taylor Swift), you enter less of a combat mode and more of an invincible mode as Kanye becomes insusceptible to the wiles of the Kardashian Boos. This game further extends the use of conditional logic, event listeners,  buttons, text manipulation, toggling visibility, while loops and implements new techniques such as level swaps, keyboard events, collision block functions, sound effects, and continuous music.

Screenshot 2015-12-16 23.22.38


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