Digital Portfolio for Faith Byrne (Fall 2015)

Digital Animation: Fast Food: The Classic Story of a Cat and Mouse

Inspired by my love of cats, this animation tells the classic story of a cat and mouse chase, with a twist at the end.The cat desperately wants to catch the mouse to eat him, yet the mouse keeps getting away. After the cat seems to give up, the mouse decides to be nice and try and share his cheese with the cat. After leaving his mouse hole to give the cat some cheese, the mouse gets snatched up and eaten by the cat. This animation took quite a few days to complete as it includes several different complex Flash techniques, such as motion tweens, sound effects, and shape tweens. The link to watch the animation is below!

Screenshot 2015-09-30 20.38.24

The Old Cat and Mouse Game: Hangman Style

Keeping with the classic cat and mouse theme, I created a hangman game that had the cat chasing the mouse all over again. The objective of this game was to create a classic hangman game, but put a new spin on it, changing the punishment mechanic from hanging a man, to whatever fit your theme. For my game, the punishment mechanic was having a mouse disappear each time you guessed a letter wrong. When you ran out of mice, the cat yowls at you angrily, and you have to start the game again. However, if you guess the word correctly, the cat finally gets his dinner, and catches the mice. The coding behind this game was rather extensive, using a lot of for loops to check if a correct letter was guessed, and a lot of conditional logic to make the punishment mechanic operate properly. The animation for the game was pulled from my original animation assignment, as I wanted to keep in the theme of cat and mouse, and realized the chase scene would work perfectly for my hangman game. The link to play this hangman game is below!

Screenshot 2015-11-10 21.29.55

Dungeon Game: Arya’s Adventure, Game of Thrones

My last project for this class was to create a classic dungeon game with several levels, some sort of weapon mechanic, and the integration of walls and moving walls. For my dungeon game I moved away from the cat and mouse theme, and decided to create a game modeled after the popular show Game of Thrones. In my game, Arya is the main character, and the goal is to make it through all three levels to finally reach the Iron Throne and take control of the realm. The first level Arya fights through is Winterfell, her original home, and in this level you have to pick up her beloved sword, Needle, and fight off some White Walkers. The second level takes you to King’s Landing where you have to fight off enemies such as Joffrey and Jaime Lannister, and the Hound. Finally, the third level takes you to Braavos where you have to fight off multiple enemies and discover hidden doors to make it to the Iron Throne. The coding behind this game include a lot of while loops to maintain the health bar and the score tracker, while also utilizing keyboard events to recognize when you want to move the character. Combat mode was also used in this code, which made the game recognize when you had picked up your weapon, allowing you to simply run into and kill your enemies. Overall, this was my favorite project to work on, and I can now proudly say that I have created my own Game of Thrones game. The link to enter this Game of Thrones game is below!

Screenshot 2015-12-14 10.03.47

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