Digital Portfolio for Paranj Kalyani (Fall 2015)

Animation: Battle For Shahriza



Battle of Shahriza (Paranj Kalyani, 2015)

This animation, inspired by Planet of the Apes, is a basic first-time animation I made for my mobile gaming class. The plot is simple – two politicians from the planet of Shahriza are fighting; they are fighting because one is corrupt and the other is not. The protagonist, the non-corrupt ape, wants to oust the corrupt one to the public. This animation incorporates techniques such as basic motion tweens, a background containing vectorized images, two characters interacting with each other, dynamic text, and sound.


Grand Theft Auto V Hangman Game



Grand Theft Auto V Hangman Game (Paranj Kalyani, 2015)

Pictured above is a basic hangman game based on the famous video game by Rockstar, Grand Theft Auto V. This game incorporates ten terms related to the video game that are picked at random. A hint box at the bottom makes it easier for the players. It also incorporates a punishment mechanic in the form of “wanted stars” like the actual video game. Five wanted stars and the game is over. The game also has sound for the victory screen and the failure screen.


The Office Triva Game


The Office Trivia (Paranj Kalyani, 2015)

Pictured above is a trivia game based on the hit sitcom The Office. The game includes ten questions, each more difficult than the last one. There’s a basic hint mechanism and a timer; if the timer hits 0, the player fails. Each fail screen, the start screen, and the victory screen have sounds that stop playing once that particular screen is removed from the stage. The timer on the last question is only 15 seconds for added difficulty.


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