The Grand Word Heist

First of all, here’s the link to my game.

My game’s central theme is the video game Grand Theft Auto V, made by Rockstar. The background picture depicts Trevor, one of the main characters in the game, holding a gasoline canister and a lighter. The answer boxes are located to the right of his head. The guess letter boxes are situated in the lower part of the screen with a ‘reset’ button next to them. Beneath the guess letter boxes is a hint box. This layout and design was not how my project initially started. Originally, I used different fonts but Dr. Delwiche found the font they use in the actual video game so I changed it. The answer boxes were initially aligned to the left, but, they obscured Trevor’s head so I moved them to the right. The hint box was originally wide enough to cover the entire screen but Dr. Delwiche pointed out that it doesn’t really need to be that big so I resized it to be narrower.

As per game mechanics, its pretty simple. If you guess a correct letter, the answer box with that letter in it becomes visible. If you guess the entire word correctly, it changes to the victory page, which is just a green screen that says “Mission Passed, Respect+” and plays the theme music from GTA San Andreas. I had to use the San Andreas theme because GTA V doesn’t really have a mission successful sound, and, the San Andreas theme is pretty iconic. On the other hand, if you guess a wrong a letter, you get a wanted star, just like when you mess up in the game. If you get five wanted stars, you fail and the failure screen pops up. The failure screen is a green screen with the word “Wasted” on it and it plays some police sirens in the background. Both pages, the victory page and the failure page, have a reset button, which just starts the game over.

As per problems, the major one I ran into was getting my punishment mechanic to work. I employed a number variable called “wrongGuesses” to keep a track of wrong guesses. Initially, anytime a wrong guess was made, the wrongGuesses counter would go up by the number of empty answer boxes instead of just one. With some help from Kim, and some trial and error, I figured it out. I had to use a boolean variable which determined whether a guess was true or false, and if the guess was false, the wrongGuesses counter would go up by 1. Apart from this, I did not run into any major problems. So, there it is people, my GTA V themed Hangman Assignment.

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