The (hang)Man of Steel

The name of my game is: The (hang)Man of Steel. The game follows the theme of the DC superhero Superman. Superman is my favorite superhero so I got very excited about working on a project that is themed to my choosing; Superman.  The punishment component in my game was Superman’s weakness: Kryptonite. Every time you get a wrong letter, a crystal formation of the green rock would surround Superman; weakening him. After four wrong letters you end up in the loss page and we see a dead superman. Lex Luthor (Superman’s Nemesis) claims the kill and we see literal lines of green radiation spreading off of him…killing him. I chose this approach because Lex Luthor is one of my favorite villains and always plays an important role when it comes to Superman. However if you are able to guess the correct word before too much Kryptonite kills him we see a strong Man of Steel after he has saved the day.

Screenshot 2015-11-13 02.09.25

My pallet is made up of mostly reds and yellows, and I tried to add blue when I could. The three main colors of superman. One of my favorite parts about the design I created was the letter keys. I found, online, a great sprite of all the letters in the alphabet with the Superman Theme emblem. I also found a solid empty Superman Emblem I could use to create the basis of my stage. Where the answer boxes and letter keys are. The bottom left I have superman, but don’t get wrong letters because that’s where the Kryptonite will spawn with each incorrect letter.  I also added a last minute image of the Superman Family, including Krypto: The Superdog. I realized that a lot of my words were just all the other members of the Superman Family: Superman, Supergirl, Superboy, KELEL, Krypto. In the end all my choices were made to try and create the most fun Superman atmosphere possible. I know I was planning on starting with using old files and making a 2nd Freddy the Fish. I am however, very happy I decided to move on to Flash…which then led me to Superman. Although the flash animation and design was the easy part, the coding was the hard part and I had my fair share of problems.

Screenshot 2015-11-13 02.09.44

     I will go into the details of the issues I had however, for the most part I believe I had a good understanding of it. I was a slow coder, a very slow coder. I just needed time, and although it wasn’t the most productive way to work I did eventually finish with a product that I’m very happy. My main problems with the code began with the guessCheck Function. That was just a very heavy and dense set of code that was more frustrating than super difficult. Just many times I had to check to see if what I did helped at all, and I ended up getting it though trial and error… and Kim. One issue I had that took a long time to fix was getting the answer boxes to reset to nothing after every time i needed to do the reset. I got Vanessa to help me out, and explain what I needed to do. Like most devastating problems, it can be solved with a line of code… or taking away a line of code. On the final day before I turned it in,  I had a sudden realization of an issue with my hangman project. It would only state that you could win if you ended up on the last letter of the word when the last box needed to be filled. Sure it technically could happen by chance, but I felt that this was a possibly more serious issue. I send Dr. Delwiche an email and with in an hour he saw, and fixed my issue and replied to my email with helpful tips that fixed my bug. I had a few more issues here and there however most of my problems were solved by going over prior code, trial and error, professors or TAs, and other helpful students. A lot of give and take among us.

     This project, although incredibly frustrating at times, was very fun and interesting. I hate that one of my biggest problems was literally solved with a one backspace in the right area, shooting down any of my confidence in it (jokes). Long assignment but I could see myself wanting to continue with similar style projects even if they are DIYs. Now I fly off, for there is trouble elsewhere in the need of The (hang)Man of Steel: trace(“Superman!”);


My Assignment:


About Michael Carroll

I'm a Senior at Trinity University (Class of '17); I am majoring in Communication and minoring in Education with an overall plan to become a teacher. I was born and raised in South East Asia.
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