The Final Frontier

My game is titled The Final Frontier, which is a phrase from Star Trek, because the game is Star Trek themed, not only in the graphics, but also the words. Here is a link to the finished game:

I began my game by wanting to have two spaceships on the screen, with the punishment mechanic being one shooting the other.  I thoHangman game screenshot 4ught about iconic spaceships, and the Enterprise came to mind, so I decided to make my entire game Star Trek themed.  The punishment mechanic is the same, with the Klingon ship shooting the Enterprise, and the game is over when the Enterprise explodes.  If the player wins, a victory screen appears, the Enterprise flies past the screen, and the screen reads “You are Victorious.” I wanted the graphic design of the game to all match the space/Star Trek theme, so I used mostly black and gray for my buttons.  I chose text that reminded me of space, but that did not look modern, as most of my game is based on the original series.  I also wanted the letter boxes to stand out, so I made them a dark red like you might see on buttons inside of a spaceship.  I put the spaceships in the middle of the screen as I wanted them to be the most prominent aspect of the game, and left the middle blank so that they would have a clear shot at one another.
I did not have any problems with creating the scene and designing and placing the movie clips on the stage, as we have had a lot of practice with flash animation.  When I began working on my code, I felt a bit overwhelmed, but I thought logically about what Game Over screenneeded to happen when the game started and ran, and started there.  I had a lot of small problems throughout the course of building this game such as not embedding my font, or figuring out how to clear the letter boxes when the game reset.  These were mostly easily fixed, and were not the cause of any major headaches.  I also had some problems that were not as easily fixed, though.  One problem I had was that I could not get the laser to play before the explosion happened.  I tried a lot of different things in the code, and spent some time on it, but eventually I fixed it by having the explosion not appear inside the nested timeline until a certain frame, when the lasers were finished playing.

Some of the rather large problems that I encountered when coding was when I was trying to get the correct amount of letter boxes to appear, and have the correct letter in them. I ended up having to loop through my array of letter boxes, and have it show the same amount as the amount of letters in the random word that was generated.  Then, I had to set the dynamic text field inside the letter box equal to the letter that the player had picked, but only if it was a match with one of the letters inside of the random word that was generated.  This meant that I had to create another variable to count the matches.  I ended up having to add a lot more variables than I had originally anticipated, in order to keep track of all of the matches, and to tell when victory
or defeat happened.  I also had a few instances where I was confused about whether to use an ‘if’ statement, or a ‘while’ loop, but after thinking about it logically, especially when I’m not frustrated in the moment, it makes more sense.

Victory screen

Overall, I tried to keep to the theme as much as possible when choosing the graphics, text, colors, and words.  I feel much more comfortable with all of the elements that I implemented in this game, such as conditional logic and while loops.  I am also very proud that I created a working game that I can play, as well as others. The process took a little longer than I expected, and was very frustrating at times, but I feel like I know more of what to expect now when implementing code in a bigger project.

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