I spent the witching hour in the comm lab.

I named my game “More Weight.” This is a reference to an instance during the Salem witch trials when Giles Corey was accused of witchcraft and refused to plead guilty or not guilty. As was law at the time, Mr. Corey was subjected to being pressed by rocks and boulders placed on a board. After two days of being pressed, his final words and only response to those who asked him to plea were… “More weight.”  Now, the little girl you see in my game is not Mr. Corey. The little girl is named Aggie she is a fictional character from a movie called Paranorman. (If you haven’t seen it I definitely recommend it.) She also was wrongly accused of witchcraft during the salem witch trials and was killed. The ghost on the end lose screen is Aggie as well… although I cant say more or I will ruin the movie.

This is Aggie. She's just different.

This is Aggie. She’s just different.

The overall theme of my game is “witchy.” All of my words are witch themed. I used dark colors as planned and used a spooky font called chiller. The art style I used was very cartoony. This was a problem at first because Paranorman is a claymation movie, and I could not find a photograph of Aggie that fit what I was going for. In the end I found some cool fan art on tumblr and vectorized them using vector magic. The rocks came from images of real rocks that I vectorized after finding them on a geology site. Probably the witchiest thing I added is the creepy song and weeping that are played constantly throughout the game. This song is from a video game called Left 4 Dead, which all of you should play.  About once per level, there are these creatures called witches that sit on the floor and weep. As you get closer to them the song plays louder and so does the weeping. It is terrifying, hence the reason I chose it as my sound. (Gamers note:  These witches are extremely powerful and spoopy and are best left alone. Try and sneak around them your first couple of encounters. If you do happen to startle one you better shoot and run cause they have long claw like hands and can kill you in a couple swipes. )

Here you can see that I have many layers. Both in my flash animation and also many layers of rock on Aggie. She's not having it.

Here you can see that I have many layers. Both in my flash animation and also many layers of rock on Aggie. She’s not having it.

As far as frustrations…. there were many. The MOST frustrating thing was trying to get the letters to appear in the boxes. While attempting this step, I ended up restarting my entire code a few times. I was stuck for two days. I ended up solving it by rearranging some of my functions and adding .letter after my guess box array loop (which I had in my first round of code before restarting). So simple but so hard to figure out on my own. After getting that to work, it was downhill from there thanks to help from my fellow DADs: Vanessa, Randi, Paranj, and Michael. I still have one bug that needs to be worked out, that is making the letters b, q,  and x appear in my hint box. For some strange reason, (probably a loop thing let’s be real) those three troublesome letters are cut out of every possible word in my hint sentences. 

my game            http://transmedia.trinity.edu/~ahuffman/pressmanGame.swf

aggie                   https://www.dragoplateau.tumblr.com/

rocks                   https://www.flexiblelearning.auckland.ac.nz/rocks_minerals

witch sound       https://youtu.be/4kwp_UDSuBo

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