Hangman Project


I didn’t really name my game, but I guess it could just be called Raging Letters.

I chose to give my players a certain amount of leeway when it came to the punishment mechanic. It gave you a message that what your guess was was wrong, and the content of these messages would illustrate how many guesses you have left. When you miss the last guess the guess letters disappear and the message box simply screams at you. This is compounded by lines of AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!! that come in from the outside of the screen. I chose this mechanic some what out of frustration with the module that was due before our hangman assignment’s first due date. Though this frustration turned to comedic inspiration at how hilarious that would be.

The design is a black background with grey boxes for the certain elements, other then the message box. The different elements have different outlines. The guess and letter boxes have wight outlines while the word select and reset buttons have red. I don’t really know why I chose this, but it looks nice.  The font’s _sans simply for embed sake, but it’s not too horrible.

My problems with the game surrounded the check guess function, simply because I was left in a vacuum as to what was needed to make it work. Really the entire thing was that way, and subsequently it became a tangled web of interactions. This was less purposeful and more subconsciously as the project dragged on. With some help from Professor Delwitch and a lot of guess work I was able to get the thing working, though explaining how is a little difficult.


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