A Super-fly Butterfly

Screenshot 2015-11-13 01.31.34

Game start and letter guess page

My game is called “A Super-fly Butterfly”. Alternatively, it could also be called “A Super-die Butterfly” as well, depending on if the user continually loses the game. Regarding the user’s failure, the visual approach I used depicts a lovely butterfly inching its way toward death each time the user clicks a wrong letter. I used this approach to visualize the butterfly flying into a web with its prey, a spider waiting on its possible demise and meal. I wanted the overall theme to be dark, hence the grey spider web background, black hint and text boxes and black spider. Once the user wins, however, the screen is changed into a bright purple background and the butterfly meta-morphs into a technicolor beauty, teasing its predator to the sound of a cropped beat from a Daft Punk song. I believe that adding the hint mechanism gives the user a richer hangman-like experience.

Here is my super-fly game.

I encountered many problems and frustrations along the way. Apart from having to re-order brackets and double check capitalization, it took me a while to figure out how to actually get letters to show up in the boxes. After asking peers for help and going through my code line for line, I was able to solve this issue by making a while loop and making my box array and the text boxes within them equal to my random word loop counter. I also has a similar issue but in the opposite way regarding my restart game function. When I would click this button, letters from the previous game would still be in the boxes. I combated this issue by going to my show boxes function and added a line of code that made the boxes empty again.

Screenshot 2015-11-13 01.31.49

Win page: butterfly teasing spider

Overall this project was both challenging and enjoyable. I felt super accomplished when I solved problems on my own, even if I couldn’t fully explain how I fixed them. I liked learning types of code that I best understood. Anything really challenging that I ran into would often result from staring at my code for too long and getting even more frustrated. After taking a break I would revisit it and the problems I thought were so huge were not so huge anymore.

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