The Legend of… Octos

The title of my animation is “He Will Never Learn”. I decided to name my project this because, as many Zelda enthusiasts know, you should never bully Cuccos unless you are ready to endure a terrible fate. So, I decided to take this idea of a giant Cucco attack and instead implement Octoroks as the enemy. Besides Moblins, Octoroks are one of the most frequently appearing enemies to have in a game, which means a lot of them die in this process. Therefore, I decided I would  allow them the chance to have their revenge in my Flash Animation.

The first scene is an overhead view, therefore, it was important to make sure I had all the angles possible of any characters. With my first character, Link, I had a total of eighteen symbols that could be used to display his actions whether it was walking or fighting. Thirteen out of the eighteen symbols were used, and they were used multiple times at that.

The new technique that I decided to learn how to do was to make a symbol blur out of the scene. The reason I knew that you could do this is by using the presets in the window menu option. Once I saw that it was possible, I went online and tried to understand how to do it. At first I stumbled upon this video: “Adobe Flash Professional CS6 – How to Get a Blur Effect“. And using this, I was able to manipulate the timeline to make the blur happen at the right time when the Octorok was exiting the scene. The process of learning this new skill took me about 30 minutes to get looking exactly how I wanted it to look.

Screenshot 2015-10-07 04.01.13

Because of the theme being Zelda (obviously), I had no desire to use any other music than that directly from the games themselves. I used three tracks: “The Legend of Zelda 8-bit Theme” , “Sacred Grove – Twilight Princess” , and “The Lost Woods – Ocarina of Time“. I used the first song for the complete first scene because the scene was set up to replicate the first game. In the second scene I decided to change from one song to the other to show a speed up in tempo once link starts to walk faster away from the noises.

At one point in my animation, all of my Octoroks disappeared so I had to go back into the program and place all the Octoroks back into the scenes. It was frustrating because I had to line them up perfectly with the other animated objects on the time line. Although the fix seemed to not take as long as I expected, it was still a frustrating process to have to go through.



HombreFelipe – Playthroughs and Stuff

I used this sprite sheet for my Link model

I used this sprite sheet for my Octorok model

Music comes from Koji Kondo and mostly all content used is property of Nintendo.

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