“The Happy Apple”

The name of my movie is “The Happy Apple”, and it depicts an apple and a worm falling froanimation screenshot 2m a tree and then rolling down a hill.  At the bottom of the hill, the apple gets eaten by a horse.  I decided to make this story because I love horses and I wanted to incorporate them
apple, and hill were all reusable vector images.

The new animation technique that I used was to create a scrolling background.  This proved to be much simpler than I expected, and was really just another technique that we had already learned, but applied in a new way.  I also added sound to the movie which is something we have not discussed in class yet.  In order to create a scrolling background, I started by looking up YouTube tutorials.  The most helpful one that I found was called Adobe Flash Tutorial: Scrolling Background by a channel called Incredible Tutorials.  The explained not only how to make the background scroll, but also how to make your background ready to scroll, and it was easy to follow along as it was a video.  Anotheranimation screenshot 3 tutorial that I found helpful when I was trying to add sound to the animation was on a website called ‘dummies.com.’  The article was written by Jennifer Smith, Christopher Smith, and Fred Gerantabee and was titled “How to Place Sounds on the Timeline in Adobe Flash CS6.”  The article was helpful to me because it had a lot of screenshots, so I was able to quickly find the tools and menus that they were talking about.  Overall it probably only took me about ten minutes per tutorial before I understood what to do and was able to begin implementing and tweaking it for my own project.

I used a lot of trial and error while creating the animation, and found myself frustrated a few times.  There were some things that were just tedious and took a while to do because I had to move a lot of little pieces to different layers, and sometimes they would disappear for no apparent reason, but I usually managed to make it work after fiddling around with it.  Also, sometimes the vector images, specifically the worm, did not react to things the way that I expected them to, and I had to change my ideas because something did not animation screenshot 1
work or was too ambitious.  For the characters and images I used, I created the apple by hand, and downloaded all of the other images online.  Some of the images, such as the tree and the cloud for the background, were just bitmap images that I found by doing a google search.  I also vectorized a few of my images in order to be able to manipulate them and animate them.  I created the backgrounds myself using downloaded images, and just arranged them where I wanted them to go, because I knew that it would be easier to create something than to try to find what I knew I wanted.

If I could do the animation over again, I think I would focus more on the worm and try to get its facial features to move a little more.  I might have even tried to find a different worm that would have been easier to work with and manipulate.  Overall though I am happy with how my project turned out, I was a bit intimidated by the prospect of creating my own animation from scratch, but it was easier and more fun than I originally thought it would be.


I found the horse head image on an art tutorial site called How to Draw Funny Cartoons, the worm on a vector image site called Vector Me, the tree on a clip art website called Cliparts.co, and the cloud on Wikimedia Commons.

-Samantha Wise

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