Jedi Super Smash Bros

I hadn’t really thought of a title for my movie before starting this blog post, but it only seems appropriate to call it “Super Flash Bros”.  When first starting this assignment I spent a lot of time playing around with Flash and trying to figure out what I wanted to do with this assignment. The first storyboard I turned turned in and discussed with my small group was actually completely different than my final product.

My flash animation tells a story of two characters using the force to control their lightsabers on a Super Smash Bro’s stage known as final destination. I don’t really have a specific reason for creating this animation, except for the fact that I love playing Super Smash Bro’s and I had just finished watched the 4th (but really 1’st) episode of Star Wars.

The character’s in my animation were just two ball’s that used the force to control their lightsabers. The reusable symbols I used were essentially just the two lightsaber’s, one red, and one blue, used to help identify the characters as Darth Vader, and Luke Skywalker.

The very first technique I started with was taking a set of text, which in my case was an image of the Star Wars font, and slowly erasing it. After each section I erased I would add another key frame for where I was at, so that when the text was finally erased I could reverse the frames and It would appear as if the text was being written on. To learn how to use this technique I used a great video by  Technologyguru77 which took my step by step through the process.

Another style I used was that of a scrolling Star War’s like text, where I used the 3d translation and rotation tools with a shape tween to make it look like my text was scrolling upwards. When I looked up how to do this the only Youtube video I found was by FlashFacilitoTips, and unfortunately this video was not in English, but I still managed to visually follow along and figure out how to make the text.For all of my animations, I drew them in flash, except for the intro Star Wars text, which I found online at a random Hong Kong site called .

The biggest frustration I encountered while making this animation was deciding what to do and how much to do. because I didn’t want to end up spending too much or too little time on the project.  I would say after everything the project and thought process took just over 10 hours, it mainly took this long, because I had created animations partially through a few times and ended up deleting them. I finally ended up making a base animation, then going back and adding everything that I had time for.

If I could do my animation over again I think I would be able to finish it very quickly, and I’d really like to animate my characters (Luke/Vader) to interact with motions. The only thing I wish I knew more about are the different action commands; I didn’t even know that actions were a feature until we were shown the stop(); one in class, and I’m sure there are many more useful actions.  -Handwritten Text   -Scrolling 3d Text    -Hong Kong site for Text

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