Freddy Goes Fishing: An Incredible Adventure of Life, Loss, and Love

The Name of my animation is Freddy Goes Fishing and it follows a young fish, Freddy, and a day out on his boat. While he is on his boat, he goes fishing and ends up catching a nice big snorkeler. Through a rough back and forth between the swimmer and the pole Freddy comes out victorious. I have no huge reason on why I decided to tell this story, it seemed like a basic enough concept where I wouldn’t have anything too complicated but still diverse enough to challenge what I’ve learnt over the class. Not to mention, it was a fun concept humorous and entertaining. My animation had no dialogue and was very straightforward however; if I had to illustrate a character it would of course be Freddy the Fish. Although Snorkel Sam also played an important role, especially since I used his sprite to illustrate my animation skills, the body that Freddy had didn’t allow for much Flash Animation Adaptability. With Freddy I could just put him where ever and have the character bounce, Sam I really needed to take my time and animate everything carefully, and I’m really happy with what I was able to get him to do. There were about 9 different possible images that Sam could have been however, I only really needed the first 3 to demonstrate kicking, after all I just needed to copy & paste the frames then reverse them to continue the motion. I made most of the items used in my animation, the only things I did not make were the fish and the snorkeler, and however I saved almost everything as a symbol with proper folder organization. I even had a folder of symbols that I didn’t need or know what they were but was too scared to delete them in case it some how affected my hole animation. The biggest symbols that I made and re-used were the boat and the fishing pole. Although I learnt a lot of new things and further developed even more, I would say that working with a moving background (to illustrate motion or speed) was new to me a long with adding music. It was easy enough to figure it out. For the moving background I kind of cheated and gave the illusion that there was a moving background while in fact all the moving features were on the page. I do plan on learning how to handle moving backgrounds. As far as adding sound, I just had to look up a few articles, it was very simple. I first began looking over Lynda, but I then moved to YouTube. I soon found that the videos were too slow, I assume because it was an easy concept, so I ended up just typing it into Google and found the answer in Adobe Flash’s personal “help” on their website. The only challenging part was trying to stop it from continuing once the video was over. Then I remembered Dr. Delwiche telling us about the ( stop () ; ) function in Action script. Some of the frustrations I had were just accidentally deleting a symbol (that one really took a long time to fix), figuring out the right way to ask for help on YouTube/ Google; phrasing it without being too specific. Although really enjoyable, it is a time consuming activity. I will be refining my blog post in the next few days however, I haven’t even slept yet since I was trying to finish the project. Although I’m really really happy without it came out. Although, I’m finding some difficulty with putting in on filezilla, however, I’m not giving up.
Screenshot 2015-10-07 04.12.51 Screenshot 2015-10-07 04.13.02

The Link to my website is anywhere in this sentence. (Not up at the moment)*

Thanks to MapleStory (where the fish came from)
Thanks to for providing the swimmer.


About Michael Carroll

I'm a Senior at Trinity University (Class of '17); I am majoring in Communication and minoring in Education with an overall plan to become a teacher. I was born and raised in South East Asia.
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