Cruisin’ Down the Street (In my ’64)

Screenshot 2015-10-07 02.48.03For my animation I decided to depict an old school car cruising along a desert highway out west on a road trip. After showing this animation to a friend, they mentioned that it resembled a ’64 Chevy Impala…I immediately got Eazy E’s “Boyz In the Hood” stuck in my head and thus the music was chosen appropriately. I enjoy both road trips and old school hip-hop so this pairing worked well. Along the way the ’64 gains some desert “friends” to take along and almost immediately decides to throw them out once they reach Los Angeles. 

Here is my animation.

The reusable characters I found from vector libraries or drew include the car, a baby cactus and a flower. They are all symbols, except for when I made the flower a shape tween for a particular scene. I used bright colors to match the spirit of the beat and kept dialogue blurbs a uniform color and font throughout the animation.

New techniques I learned included learning how to make a scrolling background and incorporating music into the animation. It took me around 45 minutes to figure out the music (cropping the song, making it instrumental, using a .wav file) and 5 minutes to manipulate a scrolling background, since it is just a motion tween. I first converted the YouTube instrumental version of “Boyz in the Hood” into an mp3, then converted the mp3 file into a .wav file and cropped the music to my desired length of time. The screen resolution is set for a widescreen display, 1600 x 900.

I had many frustrations along the way. Often when I would attempt making a shape tween (the sun in the second scene and the flower) the shapes I would manipulate would proceed to cut into one another and rotate in weird directions. I realized that I can only tween a few pieces of the shape in order to execute what I wanted to do. In class we learned that using the shapehance option for creating shape tweens will help this issue. Also, when I would edit a symbol in one scene thinking it would be specific to that scene, the symbol would change in all other scenes. I also had to remember to not get confused when I would make nested timelines. In the future I will do my best to avoid these tedious issues. I figured things out best when I would ask a friend or figure it out through trial and error.

This project was both fun and frustrating to do. I want to continue the story of the cactus and flower abandoned on top of a skyscraper someday. But, for now they are just hanging out.

Screenshot 2015-10-07 03.10.14



Desert background:

LA background:

Music: Eazy E “Boyz in the Hood” instrumental version-

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