A Drop of Water: The Journey of Adulthood

My movie is titled “From Face to Flower”. When we first got this assignment I knew I wanted to make a cute but slightly twisted cartoon. Also, I knew I wanted to make my characters for my movie inanimate objects.  A seed was a perfect idea for a character because I immediately decided that the seed with a face would sprout and grow into a non-sentient flower.

The symbols that I used the most often were things such as the different seeds bodies and the backgrounds. I created all of my seeds in flash, which was more tedious than I originally expected. The original seed symbol ended up changing quite a bit throughout my animation. I had to be extra careful to break apart my seed before changing it. Otherwise all of the seeds throughout my animation would change.

My transformed seed.

My transformed seed.

The beautiful flower at the end of my animation was not created by me. Because the flower that spent hours on creating in object drawing mode got deleted.  I tried my hardest to recover it, but do to poor saving habits it was lost in the void.

The major problem I ran into during this project was trying to figure out how to tween the little green sprout to pop out of the seed gracefully. I tried many different types of tweens to make the curvy green line grow, but in the end what did it was a shape tween that began with a line of my paintbrush. I had to have multiple keyframe points on the shape tween which took lots of time, but was well worth the wait. I was stubborn and had to figure it out myself, when I surely could have looked it up on the internet. Therefore, my new skill that I learned to use was “multi-point shape tweens.” Basically it is just a dynamic shape tween with a lot of possibility for error. Sometimes outlines would tween weird and shapes would overlap and force the tween to sort of turn inside out. That is if a two dimensional shape can turn inside out.

A screenshot of my pesky little sprout growing up.

A screenshot of my pesky little sprout growing up.

My backgrounds and the end flower were imported from a free vector library. The rest of the things I created in Flash from scratch. The seeds were by far my favorite to create. Adding rainbow eyes was an incredibly fun and easy touch to do. I was going to originally just use a the paint bucket tool and dump the rainbow in his eyes. This however wouldn’t work if I wanted to tween it from black eyes to rainbow so I had to create a sort of window layer and laid my rainbow eye on top of  the black and made it zoom into the rainbow.


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