“3rd Floor”

For my animation I decided to make a cross section of an apartment building’s 3rd floor. I started out wanting to focus only on one room incorporating close ups of objects but I decided it was too difficult. My finished animation goes through three distinct rooms on the floor. First is a Trinity student’s room where she is studying with her cat and listening to music, next is a young man’s apartment where he is watching TV, and last is a fraternity party. I chose to give each room a completely different color scheme to help differentiate them and show some personality.

I wanted to do this as my animation because I wanted to work with vector objects and textures. I’m not that good at making vector objects so I thought that furniture would be a good option. Technically I only have three characters in my animation with the cat included. I used real images of people, posters, cats, etc. to add a little something extra to the scene.

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 8.17.12 PMFor the student’s room I began by searching for a color scheme to base the furniture on. I found one called Sweet Sunset on Adobe Color, which is where I found the rest of my color schemes as well. Since this was the first set of vector objects it was really trial and error as far as making them and placing the texture on them in Photoshop. By the end the process was creating them in Illustrator, laying the texture in Photoshop, and importing them into Flash at .png files. For this room I decided to reuse the music note symbols so I could convey a sense of music filling the room.

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 8.21.27 PMCS04Next was the young man’s apartment. I wanted to style to be a little bit more modern to give it more of an ‘adult’ look. I incorporated a glow technique that I learned through a video tutorial on WonderHowTo. I used the glow effect to make it look like the man was watching tv in the dark. I also used the effect on the lamp to make it look like it was turned on. Creating the vectors for this room was easier than the last and I also learned that you can update the files in the Flash library instead of re-importing them when you changed them in Photoshop.

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 8.28.33 PMScreen Shot 2015-10-05 at 8.30.04 PMFor the last room I wanted to focus more on the audio to give the illusion of a party happening in the next room. I created a laptop balanced on books and a beer pong table to show that someone had previously been there but they had moved on. I think this was the most successful as far as incorporating the texture element that I was going for. I really like the subtle texture of the table and the books. I did have a problem with not knowing where the canvas for the flash animation really was, the images for the background and floor would cover the edges and I had to guess where the end of the canvas was. Other than that I didn’t really have any problems that weren’t my own doing, like consistently forgetting to make a new layer before importing a new shape.

All the vector objects I made.

All the vector objects I made.

Overall I was really happy with how the animation turned out. It was certainly frustrating at times because I’m not used to working with layers or objects in the way that Flash requires. After a bit of work I felt like the program became more intuitive though. I had a lot of fun creating something from scratch.

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