I made a thing!! And was successful!!


Making the finishing product!

Before this experience, my experience with cooking was trial and always error, so I have never been a big fan of the kitchen just due to the fear of more failure. Though, for this project, I thought that I would give it another go since it has been a couple years since I have tackled it.

Because the world is so foreign to me, I asked a friend of mine,Evan Legros, who has cooked for me before if he could assist me in this project. After short consideration, we decided to make Rajas con Crema which is a simple Mexican appetizer that takes roughly forty-five minutes to prepare. Prior to cooking I looked up a few tutorials to better understand the techniques I was going to use in order to prepare this dish. I found this YouTube tutorial by (conveniently) HowToCookMexicanFood that helped teach me how to roast poblano peppers, because I assumed it would be more complicated. Turns out it is pretty simple in the long run, but it was something I did not know before this, so it was helpful to watch this short video. Not to mention looking up every single ingredient that I was going to be using.

As good as the tutorials were, nothing beat being taught right then and there. I’m a very visual learner and learn better when what ever I am doing is hands on. When it came time to cook, Evan would start by exampling what I needed to be doing before it was my turn, we started first with the onions. Even though I almost cut myself twice, I eventually got the hang of it and continued on. After that the poblano peppers were in need of being roasted, so I jumped in and explained to him that I had already looked up the video and did not need his assistance. Well, to no surprise, I got ended up over roasting the first one as he sat back and laughed at me for a second. Once he told me what I did wrong and showed me how he would better do it (which was not much different) the four other ones went smoothly. As for everything else it was then time to just throw everything in the pot and stir, and I definitely had no problem with that!

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 2.57.17 PMWhen trying to understand my learning style better, it was difficult to pin point what it was exactly that helped me learn easier. But through this process and looking at my chart (look left) I came to the conclusion that my people skills is the way I will learn best. I did not know what that entailed specifically, but through my own definition – it means that I am better suited in a group of people because I vibe well with people around me. And through that I will succeed in what ever I do as long as I have the support around me to assist me when I need it.

I enjoyed this project much more than I thought I would just because I feel accomplished. It also helped lower my anxiety with cooking in general. I realize that in actuality, cooking is not all that hard. With all the tutorials and guides online, I feel like I can make things on my own. That does not mean necessarily I am going to start going out and purchasing groceries to make my own food every night, but I did ask Evan if he would like to make dinner together at least once a month from here on out. Hopefully I can continue to explore cooking with deeper interest so I am not eating microwavable food for the rest of my life.


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