Pizza DIY

My project was to create a pizza that conformed to my own tastes and generally was from scratch. The major concerns I had were leveled more at what the nature of the pizza would be once finished and if it could be served. An added concern came to light when I asked my parents for the use of their kitchen, not if I’d clean up but more if I would make enough for everyone when I served the pizza. I preferred to focus on one pizza and not a fleet that catered to everyone’s tastes so that was a point of contention.

No real issues arouse after that until the pizza was done and ready to eat. The dough that I used, or more appropriately the mix that I bought and used because there was no clear description of what pizza dough is, was an unsuitable mix for a pizza as thick as I was attempting. The result was a pizza with a hard outer crust but was still semi doughy on the inside and the texture of the dough left the pizza difficult to taste.

I never really used a guide to make the pizza, but I did use my parents recipes for the components and tried to put then together in a manner that I find appealing. I’m not really a person to use guides to create things unless the pertaining subject manner is just completely indecipherable from a subjective glance. The learning test showed I was strong in visual and intrapersonal learning, and I guess that pertains to me in a few ways. I prefer to see things being done and not just reading them and I usually use my own intuition when I encounter a problem.

All in all the project was simple in practice but difficult to get correct. This is mostly due to maybe some shortcuts in the dough,and getting the right kind of dough would have been a worthy subject to have a guide on. But this is hindsight and a fault in my style of learning, which is better suited to an environment without wasted resources from trial and error.

After the project I searched the internet for guides and found 4 different guides on how to go about making Pizza. One guide was by Jamie Oliver, or more appropriately it was his own blog. He focused solely on the dough, which I guess would have been helpful for my project. This is definitely a good tutorial, if a bit long winded, and would definitely be helpful for making pizza later, or at least making me hungrier for pizza. The next guide was a video on making pepperoni pizza and was in real contrast to the first guide. the author used a mixer as a dough surface but did explain how to make sauce, though it looked a little strong to me. It was okay, but not as helpful. The next recipe I found through, and I had to wade through several less then appetizing selections. The directions were more around the combining of ingredients rather then making them, and kind of suffers for it.  No real good techniques, whats worse is it was the only normal pizza on the site. The last tutorial is courtesy of the Food Network and features a confusing combination of recipes, one of which is for the very bread I failed at using, and seems for artisanal then the rest, at least in its preparation. It covered everything needed but required several hours and some very expensive ingredients. It also lacked pictures which seems odd for the Food Network.


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